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Personal loans

Personal loans

Instant Approvals on Personal Loans

You must have already experienced the severe process of trying to get your loan processed or else you must know someone who has. A friend of mine the other day was so frustrated because his bank said no at his most desperate moment and as much as I immensely sympathized, the disappointment had really weighed him down. So I sat him down and helped him go through the basis for rejection and as much as we still wanted to continue loathing the bank for failing an esteemed client, it was more than evident that the bank had only followed procedure. With poor credit scores cumulatively and already debts surpassing his income obviously the bank had every reason to second guess his eligibility but was a bank loan his only option?

Online Lending platforms

Traditionally, people knew only one way to getting their causes funded and that being from the banks and financial institutions.  However, today with so much bank scrutiny with the loan approval process applying for a bank loan, private lending platforms have recently evolved. These in the form of peer to peer lending platforms, individual lenders and also private lending institutions, loan grants have become quite easily accessible. So if you are looking for instant loans, with no paper work and no need to worry about credit history? Private money lending is hereby your next best solution and here’s why:

Rapid funding– A bank loan application process from a financial institution requires so much from bank statements and filling out forms which can delay your loan grant for too long not to mention that the fate of your loan application still hangs by a loose thread. While private money lenders simply base their decision largely on the liquidity of collateral offered, your loan is facilitated within the shortest possible time period, sometimes on the same day of your loan application.

Flexibility of payment terms– Private lending platforms are able to structure your repayment and collateral terms in ways that both the borrower and lender mutually benefit. With private money lending, you find that often you have the upper hand and are not liable to harassment when your repayment schedule is unavoidably inconvenienced.

Repayment penalties– Sometimes even the perfect plans can hit bottom rock. Let’s say your loan recovery gets dilapidated by circumstances, with a traditional lending institution, the penalties you stand to suffer are awfully depressing. On the other hand, a private lender unlike the banking institutions is unconditionally invested towards your ultimate success and will be willing to reschedule the loan without the need for heavy penalties or additional fees.

Bad credit scores? Not to worry- Unlike a traditional lending institution whose decision to fund your loan is mainly dependent on how appealing are your credit scores as for private lenders credit scores are the least of their concern and sometimes you are able to obtain instant loan approval. All you need is liquid assets to act as collateral and regarding your debts or credit history; private lenders don’t care at all.

 Higher limits– While a traditional lending institution will strictly base the limit to your income and repayment ability despite the high value of your assets, private money lenders are willing to fund you up to a penny for every penny in regard to your asset value. So you are looking at the likelihood of maximizing your loan limit with a private money lender with no hassles at all.